We are experienced desktop publishing and multimedia processing company.

About us

We are experienced desktop publishing and multimedia processing company specialized in localization industry since 2004.

We became a credible professional partner for many translation agencies and global language providers. Our team is supporting them and its services with quality, workflow efficiency and swift communication.


Our customers are Language Service Providers who pay attention to provide top quality services to the end customers.

What we do

Multilingual Desktop Publishing

The aim of our activities is to change the layout of the localized documents to correspond with the original, in which the typographical standards of the localized language will be set. As you request, we are able to make the PS files, on-line and print PDF files (bookmarks may be included, we guarantee them to be displayed correctly in all languages we process).

Editing and Processing of Pictures

We provide the editing and manual localization of pictures, which may be both bitmap and vector based. We are able to use fonts corresponding with the source.

Typesetting and Layout

We are able to create an editable document from a non-editable one (i.e. a book, manual, etc.) into the desired format. We also can convert the documentation from one program into another (Interleaf to FrameMaker).

Quality Assurance

The quality assurance plays the important role in our standard workflow. It is also possible to provide the quality control of the work that has been done by the third party.


We also offer various services concerning the printing – offset printing – and the following postprocessing such as cutting, clicking, collation, folding, perforating and clipping. The individual sheets can be finished with dispersed or UV varnish, or with laminating (glossy, flat). The prints can be bound by V1, V2 - V8 bindings.

PDF Scroller

It is an Adobe Acrobat plug-in which comes handy when you need to scroll two or more documents at the same time.

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